I try to be kind, and honest, and fair.

I try to be brave, to be really fearless, to leap from the cliffs of my fear down to the gurgling ocean of my own terror. (Usually this doesn’t work.)

I try to keep smiling.

I put a pencil between my teeth.

I let myself cry, regularly, sometimes in public.

The whole world opens before me and I throw myself at it like I can’t fail.


I cook and eat and eat because I love food like nothing else.

I try to go where I can’t hear traffic but I can feel the sun and slow growth all around.

I run because every time I run I feel myself going faster, and
it feels good to fly.

I tie myself up in fleshy knots and breathe deeply and call it release.


I read books  in which nothing happens but everything changes and I feel so, so much.

I dance all night.

I see my family and remember how lucky I am.

I eat a whole pizza.

I drink a bottle of wine.

I open another.

I talk around in circles.

I write everything I feel, like it happened to someone else.

I visit new places.

I care desperately for the fate of our little earth, and I believe each of us has the power to save it.

I need your help, oh humanity, to save my world and keep life in the balance.