I sit on rusted lava rock in the heavy midday sun, above the crystal pools, and watch turtles fly in half time through water like air. The heat presses and makes me nostalgic for the sticky salty summers of home.

The boat that brought us crashing over the reef break looks like a toy. I was afraid; I didn’t close my eyes. The captain has done this every day since the beginning of time. Now we’re here the break is a rustle in the background. Surrealists’ cactus like trees grow inch by slow inch towards the widest sky. Seabirds nest and flutter and call. The distant crashing surf whispers to the horizon. The horizon sends light back in twinkling morse code sunshine to tell me I’m a stranger.

Alien in an alien landscape. If you leave me, leave me knowing I’ll soon be bleached bones. Until then, I’ll watch sea lions play and penguins dive like weapons from far off islands into the rolling distant sea, and every day will end in a cactus spiked sunset and a million stars.

But this is just poetry and pictures and whim. Read the practicals about what to do on Isla Isabela around Puerto Villamil here.

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