For the lucky ones those of us with enough to eat food is so much more than fuel. It’s about culture and lifestyle, relationships, social identity, sociality, family, and happiness. It’s something around which much of our lives spin and spin. It’s sensation and emotion. And it’s just so damn wonderful.

But eating ‘well’ is a thousand-headed beast. The way we make and eat food has changed a lot in the last century. It’s become high-waste, high-sugar, high-cruelty, low-quality, and highly manufactured. It’s all dipped in pesticides then wrapped in plastic. The wrong people have the educational power. We don’t know the where, what, and how of what we’re eating.

This is not the way food should be. It should be plucked from the hot earth and prepared with thought. We should know where it came from and how it got to us, and treat it with respect.

Food keeps us alive, or it kills us. What and how we eat is tied inextricably to our continued existence on this good earth. So, I work every day to make small changes. I’m discovering it doesn’t have to be hard, or expensive. I want to give you all the information I’ve found, so you don’t even have to trawl the terrifying valleys and ridges of the internet.

You’re welcome.