is wherever you decide it will be.


Here you will find writings on (including but not limited to): normality, food, sustainability, travel, food, balance, health, food, health food, soul food, junk food, food waste, most other things relating to food, eating, writing, running, running late, the ocean, mountains, recycling, nature, salt, vegetables, the way things go missing when (maybe because?) they’re important, lies, white lies and not-truths, the truth, history, beaches, bitches, books, my looks, rhyming and other literary phenomena, statistics, the future, various high school teachers, oil, cotton, your underwear, cows and other farm animals, boyfriends, girlfriends, reality, love, shopping, photography, art, fashion, breathing deeply, children, supermarkets and other personal conflicts, telephones, technology, biology, sex, music, the feeling after you’ve eaten a really good taco, endorphins, where dead birds go, creativity, endangered species, yoga, lightly lined paper, body image and other icebergs, theatre, cities, the country, walking in the country, the bush, vikings, television, correct capitalisation, capitalism, cocktails, beer, cider, wine, white wine, whiskey and whisky, spirits, spirituality, languages, monopoly, fear and courage, indifference, family, lists, the various pros and cons of differently shaped jars, accents, hobbies, writing, waiting for things, English people, especially Roald Dahl, deforestation, dreams, riding on the tube vs. taking the bus, clean sinks, bendy straws, the ozone layer, bleached reefs, food, the gym, pyjamas, loss, nudibranchs, looking at churches, looking at other architecturally or historically significant structures, being present, surprise parties, sugar, salt, space, many more things than that, and the way it all comes together.

There is the vague central theme, around which spins the rest of the known and unknown universe. There may be poetry. You’ve been warned, and I’m not sorry.